Especially for Victoria!

July 4, 2020 – This page is lovingly built for you, Victoria, so that you can rest your voice & I can share Dimash’ music with you whenever you want to listen.

I introduce the video below “Love is like a Dream” with Dimash on vocals accompanied by maestro pianist & composer Igor Krutoy. Dimash sings in his native Kazakh language a song based on a Kazakh folk legend/story about a lost love. Obviously, I don’t understand Kazakh so I hear the foreign language as part of the music. Kind of like opera in Italian.  This is a good one to listen to first because his range & the depth of his music is on full display. ENJOY!

Below, I have embedded the entire season of  Dimash’  performances in the Chinese “I am the Singer 2017” competition. His evolution from that show in 2017 until today, Dimash continues to challenge his voice & repertoire.Dimash’ vocal range is 5 Octaves + 10 Semitones E2 – D8.

His 1st performance (below) in “The Singer 2017” is his rendition in French of  “SOS d’un terrien en détresse“.  Dimash has dedicated his life –even before he was born – mastering his craft & although he was already famous in Kazakhstan & other (former) Soviet-bloc countries before “The Singer 2017” , he became an “overnight success” after this 1st performance. Enjoy!

Song list “The Singer 2017”

  1. SOS d’un terrien en détresse – French
  2. Opera 2 – Russian
  3.  The Show Must Go On – English
  4. ** Autumn Strong – Chinese
  5.  Uptown Funk – English
  6.  ** Adagio – English
  7.  ** Daididau – Kazakh
  8.  Dawn – Russian
  9.  All By Myself – English
  10.  ** Unforgettable Day – Kazakh
The song “Autumn Strong” is a Chinese love song about a Japanese woman who was beloved in China until World War II forced her deportation back to Japan where she was despised & shunned. Only thing Dimash wanted in his performance was to humbly do justice to it’s heartfelt meaning.

Dimash won Best Performance for his rendition of “Adagio” which has since become a massive hit.

Daididau” is a Kazakh national folk tale. English lyrics “Daididau” here KAZAKHSTAN / Dombra

Unforgettable Day” composed & written by Dimash‘ father, Kanat Aitbayevtar about the 1st time he met his mother, Sveta. Both parents are legendary singers & performers. The family is a Kazakhstan national treasure.

In the video below Dimash’ mother & father sing with the voice Dimash heard from the moment of conception. Even though he had music in him before he was born, he has worked tirelessly to perfect his voice & education. In 2018, Dimash graduated with a Master’s degree in Music from the National Academy of Arts. in Almaty, Kazakhstan.