Dimashi Dears Spokane

GREETINGS Dimash Dears Worldwide! We are excited to be part of the global Dimash movement & connecting with our “Dimash Sister & Brother Dears” in practically every nation & country on Planet Earth. 

The Dimash Fan Club Spokane is just now (Feb 11, 2020) getting organized in Spokane, Eastern Washington State, USA. Although Dimash is famous (adored, revered, etc.) in the rest of the world, he has yet to hit the Great Pacific Northwest.

He will, it’s just a matter of time.

We are starting a MeetUp here in Spokane, WA that focuses on meet & socializing with other local Dimashi Dears & raise funds so we can go to a Dimash concert (I swear I will hear / see Dimash perform live at least once before I die – I’m 68 so we’d better wiki wiki.)

Toward this end, we are selling (digital download) Dimash stickers, posters, prints on Etsy. As a graphic artist, I’ve used freely available photos (from Yandex.ru primarily) & made them into something you can use & enjoy outside of cyberspace. The downloaded layout files are ready-for-print / either sized 8.5 x 11″ or 11 x 17″.

**(Photographers: if I’m using your photos, please let me know & I will give you credit.)

Join our Dimash Dears Twitter Directory (under construction at the moment). Drop us a Tweet @DearsSpokane or email [email protected] 

We look forward to hearing from you!!