Dimash as art

March 18, 2020 – The 1st case of Covid-19 in Kazakhstan appeared on March 12, 2020. In just the 18 days since, active cases of positive Covid-19 infections jumped to 280 with one death. All indications point to increased numbers of both active cases & deaths consistent with global trends. When will it be safe to leave our homes? When will it be safe for Dimash & family to go back on the road, to start performing again?

I first came upon DIMASH in early 2017 just after his breakout performances on the Chinese competition show “The Singer”. His rendition of S.O.S. wowed everyone who heard him. His next appearance, Opera 2, catapulted him into the status of legend. All of Dimashi”s performances are here.

DIMASH in my life: a Testimonial

As an American suffering through the most frightening, consequential times in the history of our nation, I feel blessed to have “found” the most extraordinary singer, composer, musician I have ever heard in my 68 years (don’t tell anyone) on this planet. I have no idea what he’s saying in maybe 90% of his songs but I soon realized it didn’t matter. Just hearing the tones, his progressions & of course, his 6-octave vocal range, is complemented by his collaboration with composer & pianist, Igor Krutoy.